Target Audience

Who should take this course?

Security Officers and supervisors who maybe required to attend a crime scene as part of their role.


Why take this course?

To introduce you to the basics of crime scene preservation.


Upon completion of these courses you will:

Upon completion of this course, you will have an understanding of how the following apply to your role. How to preserve a crime scene and its importance. Understand the various types of crime scenes and the concept of cordons and how to apply them at a crime scene. Understand the critical importance of the golden hour and how that impacts a successful police investigation. Learn how to record information in a scene log and how it can be used. Plus get an introduction to high-level to forensic evidence.


What's my time investment?

45-60 Minutes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Crime Scene Preservation

    • Aims and objectives

    • Welcome to Crime Scene Preservation

  • 2

    Crime scene basics

    • Crime Scene basics

    • Quick test - crime scene basics

  • 3

    Volume crime scenes

    • Volume crime scenes

    • Quick test - volume crime scenes

  • 4

    Serious and major crime scenes

    • Serious and major crime scenes

    • Quick test - serious and major crime scenes

  • 5

    Keeping a crime scene log

    • Writing in a crime scene log

    • Quick test - making a scene log

  • 6

    The Golden Hour and you

    • The Golden Hour

    • Quick test - the Golden Hour

  • 7

    Cordons and trace evidence

    • Cordons

    • Quick test - cordons

    • Understanding and preservcing trace evidence

    • Quick test - trace evidence

  • 8

    Crime Scene Management final test

    • Final test - Crime Scene Preservation

    • End of course survey


Senior instructor

Claire Humble

Leading on Safety & Security is a former Senior Police Officer and HE Assistant Director; Safety & Security, with a stand out reputation for delivering Sector Leading Transformational Change, Leadership and Security Strategy at all levels of an Institution. Her in-depth expertise in Security Operations, Systems & Risk Management is underpinned by a Masters level Degree in International Security and Membership of the Security Institute. Her experience includes: Safety & Security Strategy, Systems & Logistics Leadership & Management Security Operational Procedures Crime Prevention Security Risk & Threat Assessment Emergency Planning Investigation Transformational Culture Change