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We’ve created a range of ways to access our sector-leading learning content, these include a monthly subscription, for continuous learning, Pay as you go for individual courses, a selection of courses as a Course Bundle and Bulk discounts for purchases of 10 or more course purchases. Please contact us if you have a specific request: [email protected]. All prices are inclusive of UK VAT (20%)

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Introducing Assist Group Protection Through Partnership

Assist Services Group was established with the sole objective of providing a fully inclusive security service which is delivered through sector specialised subsidiaries therefore creating a large group business with sector experts leading each division ensuring a personable, best in class service. We believe, with a group focus and Senior Leadership Team, we can align the businesses in terms of operational excellence and provide a personable service exceeding our client’s expectations. This also expands our ability in terms of service offerings including but not limited to; Corporate Security, Luxury Retail Security, Close Protection and Residential Security, Event Management, Intelligence and Investigation and CCTV monitoring. We have also increased our location presence and management structure ensuring compliance and best practice across the business.