Target Audience

Who should take this course?

Security Officers and Supervisors who may be required to support people with mental health and wellbeing needs


Why take this course?

To provide an understanding of the concept of wellbeing and the role of security professionals in managing people's wellbeing.


Upon completion of these courses you will:

Upon completion, you will be able to: define the concept of wellbeing and describe how it differs from mental health and illness, describe the factors that might lead to poor wellbeing in people, describe the factors that help to protect people from poor mental wellbeing, and Identify signs of poor mental wellbeing


What's my time investment?

45-60 minutes

Course curriculum


Senior instructor

Dr Anne Llewellyn

Wellbeing specialist: Dr Anne Llewellyn’s (EdD) doctorate analysed the use of online immersive learning spaces to enhance professional skills development. As Deputy Director, Student and Library Services she had responsibility for learning skills development, student disability and mental health services at Teesside University until 2020. Anne has co-authored a number of textbooks in health and social care and social work.